Sue Reynolds Shares Her Powerful Experience Leading Writing Groups in Prison

JournalateHQ   •   September 15, 2017   •   0 Comment

Sue Reynolds, a psychotherapist specializing in therapeutic journaling, shares her inspiring experience of helping female inmates rehabilitate through journaling and how the same lessons can enrich everyone’s life. Enjoy!

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5 Ways Journaling Can Help You Get Through the Hard Stuff

Nicole Hind   •   September 12, 2017   •   0 Comment

This post was republished with permission from You can find the original post here. “In the journal I do not just express myself more openly than I could to any person; I create myself. The journal is a vehicle for my sense of selfhood. It represents me as emotionally and spiritually independent. Therefore (alas) it […]

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Julmar Carcedo’s Inspiring Story

JournalateHQ   •   September 11, 2017   •   0 Comment

At a TedX event, Brown student Julmar Carcedo discusses his journey from the Philippines to Providence. He grew up amidst domestic violence, poverty, and discrimination, but overcame the “cards he was dealt” in part from the amazing power that journaling has played in his life. Enjoy this inspiring message!

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