Auto save mode activated! For those times your computer misbehaves!

Andy   •   May 06, 2016   •   0 Comment

Browser crashes. Wireless signal drops. Windows installs its millionth update and restarts. The cat unplugs your power cable. Whatever the reason, the worst thing is to be in the middle of a long Journalate entry and all of a sudden it’s lost. Say it with us…. Well, we have good news. As of today, we’ve beefed […]

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Change the date of any uploaded image

Andy   •   February 18, 2016   •   0 Comment

We’re always listening to your feedback. You asked if we could let you have the ability to change the date of any image uploaded. We understand that you may have photo taken on Feb 6th, but don’t get around to uploading to your journal until Feb 18th. Now you can make that adjustment!  

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Seek and ye shall find. AKA: we added a new search feature

Andy   •   January 22, 2016   •   0 Comment

We’ve had a number of requests for a search box, so that you can quickly find an old entry, without having to remember the date your saved it. Well, the search is over. Or, ready….   The new feature matches against any keyword (or partial keyword) in any of your Journalate entries and is available […]

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