They see us rollin’

Andy   •   July 15, 2014   •   0 Comment

Good news! We’ve started a slow roll out of Journalate! You can now sign up for your free account and get started with your own online private journal. We’ll have a bigger push in a week or so, but for those of you reading our blog, you’re the first to know! 😉

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Keeping a journal boosts employee performance by 23%

Andy   •   June 24, 2014   •   0 Comment

There are many benefits to keeping a journal, but one may surprise you. According to the Harvard Business School, setting aside 15 minutes a day for journaling will increase your productivity by almost 23%! The researchers put new employees into groups where people either reflected on their days or didn’t. In the reflection group, employees […]

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We’re launching this summer

Andy   •   June 06, 2014   •   0 Comment

Journalate will officially launch sometime late June, early July. If you’d like to be notified when we go live, please add your email to the form at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

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