Enhancements to the Journalate Experience

JournalateHQ   •   May 07, 2017   •   0 Comment

We wanted to touch base with all of you to make you aware of a few enhancements to Journalate that you may already have noticed during your journaling. Most of the enhancements we make to the site are the result of suggestions from you.

First, you now have the option of including categories for your entries. To create a new category, select “Settings” in the upper right part of your screen after logging into your account. Once you navigate there, you will see a button called “Add a New Catetgory” that lets you create a new category. After a new category has been created, you can apply it to your individual entries. Some people may want to create independent journals – perhaps one categories for entries about health and another recording travel experiences. Along with our search feature, categorization should hopefully allow you to easily find and organize past entries of any kind.

Second, we added a feature that allows you to share individual entries with a friend. After you have saved an entry you will see the option to “send to friend.” Simply, select the option and then enter your friends email address.

Finally, we upgraded the server that Journalate is hosted on to one that has more bandwidth and storage capacity, which should improve the speed and performance of the site.

If you have suggestions for enhancements, you are welcome to get in touch with us at info@journalate.com to let us know. One of the most common enhancement suggestions we receive is for a mobile application. This is something we are actively considering, but would like your feedback on how we can make an app suit your purposes. With the website currently responsive, it is hopefully relatively easy to make an entry from your smartphone by using the website URL. What features would a mobile app need to have for it to be useful for you? For example, one suggestion for an app we have had is to allow entries to be made even when WiFi is not available, with the app updating your account the next time you connect to the internet.

We are not a large company with tremendous resources, but we are committed to doing what we can to give you a great experience. We appreciate the confidence you show in us and value our relationship with you.

Happy Journaling! 🙂