Is Journalate really the “anti-Facebook?”

Andy   •   July 16, 2014   •   2 Comments

Our thanks go out to the Triangle Business Journal for sharing news of our beta launch of Journalate.

We were certainly amused by the headline they chose: “Raleigh entrepreneur’s latest startup? An anti-Facebook

Catchy and something that will certainly get a lot of attention, but how true is it? Are we really the anti-Facebook?

Yes and no.

We have nothing against Facebook. In fact, we love using Facebook and you’ll find we even have our own Facebook Page. Facebook is great for sharing, well, anything. It thrives on sharing. It encourages sharing. It lulls us into sharing things that we wouldn’t normally consider fit for public consumption. We rant about our spouse, complain about our boss, or gripe that politician ABC is too XYZ for our liking.

In that sense, Journalate is the anti-Facebook.

With Journalate we encourage you to keep a private journal. We’ll have an upcoming series on the different reasons for journaling, but for now, consider Journalate the safe place you can go to empty your head. Privately. It’s not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. People have been keeping journals for centuries, it’s just that we’re helping you to journal from any device from any location.

So, don’t consider us so much as the anti-Facebook, consider us as the “this-probably-shouldn’t-go-on-Facebook” app. 🙂

  • FrankReed

    The “This Probably Shouldn’t Go On Facebook” tagline is perfect. Love the product thus far Andy. Super simple yet super effective. A rare combination.