New fonts, date adjustments and more!

Andy   •   January 18, 2015   •   0 Comment

Over the past few weeks we’ve listened carefully to all the feedback we’ve received. Thank you!

As a result, we have a couple of updates to share with you.

First, you can now set the date of any entry. We know that you can’t always update Journalate each day, so now you can back date any entry!

Date adjustment

Secondly, with our uber-affordable Premium plan, you can now take your pick from 12 different fonts for your journal entries. Our Premium plan is just $27 a YEAR and lets you import from your favorite social media accounts, backup your entries, and now, choose a font that better suits your personality!

New journal fonts

Lastly, we never expected anyone would want to delete their Journalate account so we, ahem, forgot to add a delete option. We’ve now added the option for you to completely nuke your account and all entries. Not that we want you to. 😉

Please leave a comment below with any other suggestions.